Portland multiethnic church conference

This in from Jim Spoonts, Executive Director of Mosaix Global Network::

To those who are committed to the vision of the multi-ethnic church – To those who want to plant, transform, or revitalize your church toward cultural diversity (but may not know how):

  • Do you want to be a resource to others seeking to change?
  • Are you tired of doing it alone?
  • Do you, your staff, and/or key leaders need to be re-filled with the vision for the multi-ethnic church?
  • Do you want to connect with other like-minded leaders?
  • Do you need some practical equipping?

Whether you are from the northwest or other part of the country, consider joining us for the Mosaix Portland Conference on Friday November 7 & 8.

Hear from:

  • Pastor/author/professor Rodney Woo of Wilcrest Baptist Church in Houston. Rodney has quite a testimony how this church was revitalized into a dynamic missional multi-ethnic church;
  • Pastor/researcher/professor Dr. Richard White of Portland State University who shares how multi-ethnic churches can have transformational impact on their communities; and,
  • Fifteen excellent workshops related to the multi-ethnic church (for details see mosaixportlandconference.blogspot.com )

To register for the conference, go to www.mosaix.info – click on Upcoming Events and then click on the cart button for Mosaix Portland Conference.

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