pondering discussion boards

pondering whether to participate more actively in one web-based discussion board, where I?ve already registered, forums.crosswalk.com/, forums.christianity.com, www.growthtrac.com/boards/, www.modelminority.com, forums.yellowworld.org/, www.regenerator.com/conversations/, or to occasionally drop in on each and every one of them? thing is, I don?t want to be loggin? in those boards every day, and yet, the good conversations (read: those I?m interested in) only show up every once a while. Thus my preference for mailing-list / listserv-driven discussions, so they get delivered to my mailbox, a la content pushed to me, instead of retrieved by me after I login.

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  1. kevin says:

    It’s tough. I went looking for a good board last year. I finally just gave up. What I would really like to do is find enough other people to get my own boards going again.

  2. irene says:

    I used to actively participate on the Christianity.com forums (before they were bought over by Christianity.com). I quit going there because it was too time-consuming; I found myself getting caught up in monitoring discussions because I wanted to see how people had responded to what I said.There was also a bit of a mess when Christianity.com took over because they instituted some new rules and people don’t take kindly to change of any sort!