poncho, porch, & more

okay, so I couldn’t find a 3rd P.. i’m not into that alliteration jive.. I got the green light this morning, to give a prop and shout out.. this warm & enthusiastic blog link to my friend, and yours, Jen Lemen [now at www.jenlemen.com], an emerging voice for our time and our generation.. here’s a sneak peak at her recent thought:

in that poncho, i could see myself traveling the world’s cities. in that poncho, i could see myself cozy on my porch writing books. in that poncho, i could see my crabbiness slip away as my children delighted in its magic, the miracle of no sleeves and all the places inside to snuggle up to me and be warmed.

normally, when i encounter this kind of redemption screaming my name, i put it back on the rack and walk away forlorn. but not that day. i bought that poncho without a second thought, and the very thought of it in the bag put a jump in my step all the way home.

I find myself strangely warmed by her authentic voice, and how she’s able to find the redemptiveness in a poncho, on her porch, and of her life as a mother of two younguns, and all the more as she navigates through life in our loosely connected faith community, perhaps all the more loosely b/c we’re geographically and psychographically marginalized, but we hang out there weekly since it’s the only place we’ve found safe enough to believe + to doubt.. (and while she doesn’t have an email or comment link on her blog yet, you can comment here, and I’ll see to it that she gets your perculating responses)

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