podcasting ethics

Googling for phrases like “podcasting ethics” or “ethics of podcasting” turned up 0 results (with quotes). Until now. This will be the blog entry that will generate the first search result there, until when/if it becomes an issue that people are blogging or are writing (typing) about.

I went right to the source and sent emails to Adam Curry and Dave Winer over the weekend, and they have not replied. Yet? Maybe they talked about it on one of their podcasts, but I’m usually about a week or two behind.

What I want to create is an RSS feed with my favorite podcasts, and in essence deep link to other servers and their hosting of the audio file. That would increase their bandwidth a little bit, for those who like my editiorial preferences. Before I went ahead and did that, I thought it’d be helpful to check into the protocols or ethics of deep-linking podcast files, since I have a soft conscience and wouldn’t just go and test the boundaries without asking first. I don’t need a cease and desist.

[update: deep linking to other mp3s is what Adam Curry has dubbed SoundSeeingTours, and his RSS feed of sound seeing tour is at soundseeingtours.com, so until I hear otherwise, I’ll deep link to mp3’s of interest here on my blog]

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  1. rob says:

    So you kind of want a “del.icio.us for podcasting”?

  2. Aaron says:

    Hey your welcome to deep-link to ours (once it is functional… which should be soon) – if it makes the cut :-). speaking of which would you be interested/available for a skype interview (to be recorded for the podcast)? Topic – flexible, could be technology in the church, what podcasting could mean for the church, ethnic diversity in the body of Christ, etc… you game?

  3. Nick Ciske says:


    I think I can answer this one for you: go ahead and link away. Adam Curry has already started doing this in his soundseeing tours feed (causing me to have to upgrade my bandwidth to keep up- a welcome thing) and podcast directories link to individual shows all the time. I can’t imagine any podcaster not wanting the additional downloads 😉