pitch in for move, clean up spot

T-minus 2 weeks before we hit the road on the move from DC to OC. We’re moving cross country without a moving truck, so that’s involved a lot of sorting, tossing, selling, and giving away stuff and things, including my library of many books. Would insert picture here, but that’s time away from sorting.

It’s been cathartic for me to clean up this place and to get rid of all the clutter and stuff one accumulates over time. Living in this one place for 7 years is the longest I’ve ever stayed put in one place. Living in such an affluent country, this decomplexifying of my life feels good.

No major sponsors have come through, yet, for my major fundraiser to help pay for costs incurred for the cross country move. So let me try what Bob Hyatt did with his online fundraiser to get a MacBook last year (that netted $526).

So here’s my PayPal ChipIn button below for you to chip in on moving expenses — for helping with my moving costs. I’ll do the math later and give you an estimated cost. [update: $400+ for gas costs alone; we’ve set a fundraising goal of $500 to keep it round and realistic]

For those who pitch in, I’ll list your name, URL of your choosing, and post a sponsors list over at www.coast2coastmove.com – where we’ll blog the road trip. Will have spiffy up this pitch between sortings, it’s off to work.

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  1. Aaron says:

    Though I can’t pitch in just yet, good to hear you’re coming to the OC. I didn’t know till today when I was getting caught up with my blog reading. Safe travels.

  2. joe says:

    after you settle in OC, it’d be great to meet up and talk about asian american ministry if you have time.. your posts are really thought provoking, and have helped me think about asian american ministry.

  3. djchuang says:

    joe, you don’t have to wait to my settling in OC to start the conversation. Go right ahead, let’s talk about Asian American ministry starting now and we can continue during the road trip and when I get to the West coast too! What’s on your mind?

  4. David says:

    t church, and i hope you have a a fun and memorable trip over 😀

    as far as funding your trip goes.. are you going to have some sort of yard sale or something to that effect?

  5. djchuang says:

    David, we’ve been listing like crazy on Craigslist and have had good movement on selling a lot of stuff that way.. I think yard sales devalue stuff more than the counterpart neatly listed on Craigslist. That’s been my experience anyways..

  6. Bo says:

    Can’t offer a buck right now, but I would lend a hand (see my post) if I were around. Great to have you on the west coast.