philosophical God question

Question> Had a question asked of me today that I didn’t know how to answer. It was one of those “can God make a rock that He cannot lift?” questions. Ok, if God is omnipotent then can’t He lie? The thing that came to my mind was ok, if something is all good then by definition can’t be bad. But that’s not it. And I can’t find my catechism book. I think that it comes to something about the nature of God?but I’m not getting it. can you help out?

ePastor >> The question you’ve encountered is a common one in the realm of philosophy; a lengthier treatment of the “Can God create a stone so heavy that He cannot move it?” question is at

re: “If God is omnipotent then can’t He lie?” is for me also philosophically speculative. For one, I’m not sure what omnipotence (being all-powerful) has to do with telling the truth. It seems to me to be a leap of categories. Oh, maybe the question you’re after is “Can God lie?”

The Bible asserts that God cannot lie: Titus 1:2; Hebrews 6:18; Numbers 23:19. It’d be illogical and contradictory to have a God who is Truth (and who is therefore the standard of truth) to bear falsehood and to lie (intentionally give false information). Suppose God were to lie, then there would have to be another standard of truth, and where would that be? Would that standard of truth then be better at being God than God?

The acknowledging of God is axiomatic: He is truth, good and benevolent, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. It gives a sure reference point for anything else to exist in creation. If this statement is too foundationalist, then maybe you’d prefer that I say that God is God and you’d better just deal with Him, because He’s the big heavy.

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