perception schmeption

“Politics is perception” so goes one of the characters in The American President on cable in my hotel room while I’m in Indianapolis to exhibit at the AMEC Quadannual. I’m so tired of the ‘perception’ thing, and saddened and grieved that it’s reality for so many people. “Seeing in believing” or “perception is reality” keep resurfacing at the workplace, in the public arena, in politics, in religious settings, at home, all over the place. Sigh. Ugh. I’m sick of it. Who’s got eyes to see beyond the surface shallowness, and get down to substance?!

Implication is that (most) people are apparently reactionary creatures, and both politicians and churches alike tailor their message to whatever will cause the audience to respond, whether it’s to entice people to vote with their feet at the polls or the pews.

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