People2Pray: intercessors meet web 2.0 is now available in public beta. It looks to be quite a brilliant convergence of Web 2.0 concepts and how Christians pray for one another. I’ve used it for a few weeks, and it uses a swift mix of AJAX and Javascript (I think?) so it tracks and tags prayer requests, counts up how many times a request is prayed for, facilitates the forming of open and closed communities, and lots of other features. And, yes, even RSS feeds. Amazing to see how much of it has been developed on sweat equity alone!

[update: Blog Ministry has screen caps for those of you that’d like a guided tour, see before you try. The rest of you can jump right in and use it already!]

On another note, NK Missions ( just finished a 21 day prayer campaign, and are sharing about what happened via 8 videos and podcast. Good use of technology there; they’ve got over 700+ members in their online community so far!

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  1. Bumble says:

    That’s pretty cool – now if only it would be open-sourced so that I can intergrate it into our church website…

  2. Thanks for blogging about P2P! I appreciate your help in spreading the word.