people w/ bipolar disorder

Question> Do people with bipolar disorder have a place in this world?

djchuang>> Yes. Every person with bipolar or without have a place in this world! Regardless of the shape, ailment, status, or size a person is born with or becomes, every person is unique and valuable, and with God’s help and grace, everyone can experience the fullness of life.

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  1. I am working on a project that resembles the NetSlaves project. I hope to collect anecdotes and stories about what it’s like to be bipolar in a fast-moving and stressful environment. I believe that many bipolars place extreme effort and intention on making a place for themselves in this world despite a significant medical malady that can wreak havoc on personal lives. I encourage bipolar folks to visit my site and help me get this off the ground.

    Peace to you all.