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The Peasant Princess sermon series by Mark Driscoll

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How does a godly, poor young woman working long hours in the hot sun to help support her single mother and brothers become the wife of a king and one of the most renowned passionate, loving, and enjoyable women the world has ever celebrated?

The answer is found in the biblical book, the Song of Songs, where we meet this glorious Peasant Princess. She speaks first, is spoken of last, and speaks most frequently throughout this sacred love story. We also meet her friends, brothers, and mother as we follow her life through childhood, the teen years, engagement, and marriage.

(originally at marshill.com/media/the-peasant-princess/clips but no longer available)

Sermon series archive/ cache found at:

Excerpt of a review by Christian Nymphos::

During the fall of 2008, Pastor Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church in Seattle did a 10 week sermon series of the Song of Solomon entitled The Peasant Princess. … I highly recommend listening to the series. I have watched all 10 parts and found that it was so refreshingly honest and while openly communicating about sex, Mark Driscoll also firmly adheard to biblical standards in establishing a firm stance on maintaining that sex is a gift from God that is meant to be celebrated freely within marriage.

The series moves through the book looking at the couple’s engagement, wedding, early married days, later married days and even an experience of sexual sin. I appreciated that it was so practical. Mark and his wife took time at the end of each sermon to answer questions that had been sent in from the congregation, and really he just gave so much great information on how to love our spouse better.


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