pastors congregate in San Diego

I over-estimated the attendance here at the National Pastors Convention 2008 in San Diego– it’s closer to 1,800 than 2,000. Got here last night, after taking a detour off of Interstate 5 which was a parking lot, came down on PCH, grabbed a quick dinner en route.

Sat next to headsparks (Daniel So). Listened in on compelling remarks from the Bishop of Rwanda last night. He started with re-languaging that it is much more correct to say that Jesus accepted me, than to say I accepted Jesus. He went on to say how we are partakers and partners in God’s kingdom, and experientially see God at work in people’s heart and soul.

Was live-blogging that on my Blackberry, and then the battery was too low. The radio auto shut off. My entire blog entry was lost. I’m trying to reconstruct it with this re-enactment.

Staying with Daniel So for the 2-nighter, appreciate his family’s hospitality very much. And, congrats to David + Sunita, and their newborn baby girl! Born 21 hours ago!
David + Sunita

Wearing my bright orange shirt today. Saw James Choung here working at the Intervarsity sales booth. Just ran into James Yu before hopping on here at the Digital Cafe. Will try to connect with those guys later. Andy Crouch is here too, haven’t seen him yet, but hope to.

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