past Q talks now online for free

[Q] is an annual conference (aka boutique event) for Christian leaders to hear the latest innovative ideas for making Kingdom impact in the very fabrics of culture. [Q] was partly inspired by “the exclusive TED conference as well as the Clinton Global Initiative” and its 3rd year will be in Austin, Texas, on April 27-29, 2009. Register before October 29th for the earliest discount of $625.

What is really cool, especially in an open-source world, is that Q has now made available videos of past talks for free viewing online! (cf. TED has over 300 talks online for free listening/viewing, courtesy of sponsors; TED costs $6,000 per person and already sold out for 2009; seats open at $3,750 for simulcast via satellite)

Q TALKS are 18-minute presentations given annually at the Q gathering by thought leaders and practitioners on the topics of the future, the church, the culture, and the gospel. One Q Talk is released every two weeks.

Of the talks online to date, mine and the crowd’s unanimous favorite was Andy Crouch‘s talk about Stepping into Culture. Andy further elaborates his profoundly insightful thoughts about culture and Gospel in his book, Culture Making: Rediscovering our Creative Calling. I believe this book is imperative for understanding how to live the Gospel.

Another one of my favorite Q talks is Kevin Kelly’s Christianity in 1000 years — this talk stretches our thinking beyond short-term results. This makes sense to me, for some odd reason. What if my calling and work will have no results in my generation, but would impact and bear fruit in a future generation? That’s appealing to me.

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11 Responses

  1. human3rror says:

    shoot. it's in austin this year? i just left that place…

  2. I am SO getting that book by Andy Crouch. Maybe even for our whole team!

  3. Thanks for the helpful post. Since i've exited Seminary i've lost touch with what's shaking in the wider christian world! One thing i've seen alot of pastors do is get buried in the churches and miss the big picture. Perhaps its all that busyness….

  4. erin says:

    unless, of course, the church is the big picture ..

    I am very interested in Kevin Kelly's talk! Is it forecasting or primarily an encouragement to persist when things say bleak? Both seem fruitful.

  5. djchuang says:


    Kevin Kelly does more than forecasting, and stretches our minds to consider long-term perspectives on how the world was, and how the world could be. One of the gasping moments was the possibility of our discovery of extra-terrestrials… say no more. I won't spoil your watching of the video. 🙂

    Heather, yes, Andy Crouch's CULTURE MAKING is a most excellent book! Not so much motivational or an inspiring pep-talk, but a wholistic perspective and framework of looking at the world and living out the Gospel and our calling as followers of Christ.

  6. D.J. check out also: “God in the Gallery” by Dan Siedell…

    (You don't know me, but I was one of Rachelle's MFA thesis advisers at U Arts in Philly)

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