Paperless boarding pass eco-friendly

Had a rare occasion to fly on Continental Airlines this weekend. They serve free food (included in airfare) on this plane! I had a hot chicken sandwich en route. Okay.

They’re now pilot testing a paperless boarding pass on mobile devices/ cell phones for their Houston flights. And with my Blackberry Curve, I had to try to help and participate in their experiment.

I clicked thru a couple of mobile check-in screens by clicking-thru the link they emailed me. I clicked on agreement buttons several times, and then a bar code gets displayed along with my itinerary and gate info. I show that bar code on my cell phone at security, where upon they scan it with a handheld scanner device like UPS delivery people use. It took 2 or 3 tries. Then at the gate, the agent pointed to gesture me to place my mobile phone on the scanner platform. It beeped its approval after I rotated my phone to portrait orientation.

This paperless boarding pass test run passed with flying colors! (Pun intended)

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