orange you the conversation starter

This polo shirt has been quite the conversation starter. Wore it on Sunday for church and home-hunting in Orange County, and effortlessly picked-up conversations with people along the way all day. (photo by Jeremiah)

Jeremiah's mom and dad

After church, ran into Stanley & Leslie Jee, and she recognized the pattern on the booth decor at the Georgia Aquarium cafe in the pix, and knows the person who designed the pattern! And then they treated us out to a great sushi dinner at Kabuki! (well, had you going there for a moment; they weren’t total strangers — they’ve known my wifey since the teen years.)

In the afternoon, talked at length with Art Scott, who gives great piano lessons in South OC. So if you’re in that area, or know of someone in that Aliso Viejo / Laguna Hills area, be sure to check out Piano Lessons by Art Scott. Turns out he is quite an organist and had several connections (like me) back to Virginia. He shared a great story about his first time in an airplane, which happened to be a private Lear jet. What a way to fly! (while convenient on the boarding, I think I prefer the smoother flights of a large plane like a 747, thought I can’t really say since I’ve never (yet?) flown on a private jet…)

And met 2 or 3 others who struck up conversations too b/c of the Virginia Tech logo, or maybe it was just the bright orange color that matches my orange Crocs on my feet, and makes me stand out like an orange traffic cone. (So, with response like that, I just had to order 3 more VT logo shirts.)

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