orange you like David Crowder

Are you seeing orange everywhere too? It’s fast becoming the hot color of the season or something. I got this link, like many of you, titled “Twitter will kill you” and being an avid twitterer myself, I’m open to hearing what the critics critique, or what the mockers mock. And look what shows up in the video:
You see that? David Crowder has an orange MacBook and an orange iPhone!


And then, during the road trip last weekend, we see this new ad campaign at Panda Express, for Orange Chicken! 4 out of 10 people already order Orange Chicken when they step up to the counter. I guess the pandas-that-be want to kick that number up another notch…

And we saw orange all over the place at the California Academy of Sciences, a 3-in-1 museum inside of a new $500 million building. Their version of orange is called “international orange,” which happens to be same color as the Golden Gate Bridge. This is how the branding company described its color scheme:

The colors of the symbol speak specifically to the Academy’s location and mission: international orange is strongly connected to San Francisco (the color of the Golden Gate Bridge) and the architectural details within the Academy’s new building; green represents life and the natural world; and gray reflects the city’s famous fog and the concrete building (and to those in the know, its LEED® Platinum-level rating). [via commarts]

By the way, this pix below is my current iPhone cover, of course, orange:

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5 Responses

  1. David says:

    mr. crowder has been coloring his mac orange for a few years now. you guys are serious blood brothers.

  2. sherrysurratt says:

    Just got pedicure w/orangish-red polish. That count?

  3. imei says:

    My color is
    Pantone Matching System (PMS) 368, a green color. I started using this back in 2007 before the Yoga and the Sustainability folks took it on too.