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Recently, I tried to install the new Google toolbar into Firefox (1.06, in Win XP), and it wouldn’t install. I found out that I could no longer open the Extension Manager (via Tools > Extensions) either – the command looked like it activated, cursor turned into an hourglass for a moment, but no Extensions window.

The first solution I found at MozillaZine, Extensions does not install, looked too complicated. Extension Manager Enhancement didn’t help either. I did not want to start a new profile, nor work with installation and config files.

I found the solution to my particular problem at MozillaZine: Safe Mode. I first had to make sure Firefox was not running in background by going to Task Manager and ending the firefox.exe process. Then I ran Firefox in Safe Mode, and was able to open the Extension Manager (!) and by process of elimination delete the incompatible extension. Voila, back in business!

I had searched using keywords like “couldn’t open Extension window”, “Extensions won’t install”, “cannot open Firefox extensions”, “Firefox extension manager won’t open”. I mention them here for others who’d like to solve a similar issue.

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  1. julia says:

    Oh thank you so much! I was having this problem after trying to uninstall Adblock, and I was getting very frustrated until I found your post. Your solution worked perfectly. Thanks again!

  2. Dave Norwood says:

    Same problem with Adblock trying to get it to work with flash??? At any rate the fix was the same, safe mode.

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