Open your World View at the Urbana 12 Live Blog

I’m in St. Louis this week for the tri-ennial student missions conference called URBANA 12! Follow along all the activities via the Urbana 12 Live Blog where I’ll be blogging highlights from the main sessions. And, you can get a taste of Urbana 12 via livestream video too – so you can see and hear talks from the main sessions every morning and evening. (click-thru to the Live blog for links to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram)

What’s particularly unique about this conference is its speakers lineup and programming is very multiethnic and global in perspective, and organizers have decided to not fill the stage with known popular speakers with bestselling books. Instead, with a discerning heart, carefully selecting voices that we as the Church (capital C) need to listen to in order to be a generation fully-engaged with God’s work all around the world. Quite a countercultural intentionality to go against the grain of market-driven forces. And somewhere in the range of 15,000 to 20,000 are anticipated to be in attendance – official attendance count has not been released yet.

I’m also feeling very honored to be included in the speakers’ lineup in the Urbana PANA Lounge, a place for connecting Pan Asian North American participants. The best connecting point for this PANA Lounge is its Facebook group. I’m on deck for tomorrow (12/28) afternoon, and while there isn’t livestream there, the organizers are planning to record the sessions and release videos in coming weeks. With almost 4,000 Asians and Asian North Americans, my talk will be an invitation to raise our collective voice to make a bigger difference in the world.

If you’re in St. Louis and/or at Urbana 12, let’s connect! Text me at 949-243-7260

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