open sesame

Here’s an affirmation on why it’s okay to put my personal thoughts in public view, especially as a spiritual Asian person and even previously as a religious professional. Of course I was doing this for years before the Christian Science Library opened up. Now if only other Asians and churches that have orthodox teachings would do the same…

from New York Times > A Christian Science Library Opens, in More Ways Than One :: “I don’t think any institution can be relevant today unless it’s open,” said Stephen Danzansky, the library’s chief executive. “I think we’re seeing this play out more and more, whether it’s corporate America or religious America. There aren’t any secrets today. If you haven’t got anything to hide, open it up.”

from A woman’s ideas ? open to the world :: . . . the library reflects a greater public demand for openness, he says, adding, “Institutions today cannot be closed if they want to be understood.”

Plus, here’s a find, an org that profiles Christian ministries for their efficiency and transparency — — let’s see the donor’s dollar put to good use.

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