one thing i’m learning

one thing i’m learning, is that being mostly unconventional (and from other’s perspective, extremely unconventional), i am very unpredictable in work habits.. and i have many varied interests, in what i do with my life, and what i want to do with my job(s).. humanly speaking, it does make sense to have one devotion and one focus for efficiency and effectiveness, but for me, to do one thing is confining and leads to boredom.. this means the more traditional/conventional minded person would have quite a challenge working with me, when attempting to put me into a box, when i’m such an out of the box person.. thus my conundrum…. if it were possible, i’d have a position where i can use my technical skills, pastoral skills, and personal networking skills, to do my part in forming spirituality among Asian Americans, multiethnic, and postmodern realms.. i don’t think it can be done in one lifetime, and in that sense i don’t expect it to be.. but to translate that into real life, into a job description, that’s been the enigma.. perhaps it is a vision, and needs to birth an organization or book or something, as disparate as these themes are.. so be it, that is me 🙂

on a lighter note, received my blogger t-shirt and was sporting it at Washington Harbor, for the inaugural Dragon Boat Races.. haven’t been around so many Asians in a while, quite a peculiar feeling.. (so if you saw a guy with a bright orange “b”, that was me)

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