on the road again, and

on the road again, and will be again and again every weekend this month.. this round takes me to Williamsburg (one of America’s first settlements) and Raleigh (also a historical site), though not for a historical tour. Energized and encouraged to be engaging with progressive & visionary dialogue, with hopes to empower impact making and capacity building for next generation Asian Americans.. having interesting conversations and dialogues the past few days has been great, i don’t feel so isolated for having my own thoughts, and being able to express my ideas with people who give me more than blank stares. T was teasing me for my enjoyment of people watching, when I was downtown for the Cherry Blossom Festival.. bitterly cold with the wind chill, but good food and interesting people around.. a few even in kimonos. I love the taste of the new soon-to-be-released Very Cherry Iced Tea flavor of Snapple (which I got to sample).. will engage some conv’s about the house church movement later this week (not sure what to make of it, in terms of what I think about it, but I’m delighted that people are passionate in carving out new ways of faith expression and engagement.. the part where it gets weird for me is the vast spectrum of theological extremes that a few indulge in; as an old co-worker would say, they’re outta-control).. stay tuned to see where my next stop takes me..

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