on national television

On a last-minute business trip here in Los Angeles. Last night, ventured over to Hollywood, standing in line for well over an hour, to be a part of (my first time) the studio audience for Jimmy Kimmel Live! Got free tickets online. The warm-up guy Don Barris got the crowd going before the show started taping and during breaks. His best motivational line was: “and you’re on national television!” I was third row up on the left end as the camera pans, if you happen to have taped it to rewind + review. Special guests rock & roll legend Gene Simmons (who seemed low-key and subdued) and comedian Jeff Ross were interviewed promoting their latest new things. Wished Jeff woulda gotten to do a stand-up routine instead. My other main impression was that the theater studio seemed smaller; things looked bigger on TV.

2 of the better monologue segments have streaming video online: It’s so hot in California and No power.

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