old fashioned ice cream parlor

Came across a hot find last night, while wandering Old Town Philadelphia in search of some eats, after a few days up there with wifey and son (lots of blogworthy things, but used my online moments to work from remote).. with my StrengthsFinder theme of “input” constantly active, I noticed a distinguished dessert place, and we walked over there after dinner at Marmont (where I discretely described the waitstaff as being slim), it was delicious and delectable experience — The Franklin Fountain is an old fashioned ice cream parlor, with keen attention to ambiance and details, for handmade sundaes and ice cream creations that are a work of art, wide range of ice creams and bottled sodas.. and it has only been open for 3 weeks! By 2 brothers who even dressed the part, it was just plain great! Next time you’re near by, stop by 116 Market Street, Philadelphia, cf. the website www.franklinfountain.com .. they should be featured on Food Network next.

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  1. mary consylman says:

    have you every heard of pawpaws . it is a american natural fruit makes avery good ice cream