old cell phones, pay for podcasts

From this NYTimes article, Out With the Old Phone, in With the Cash, some websites that help you do something with those old cell phones: www.ripmobile.com, www.cellforcash.com, www.oldcellphone.com, www.phonefund.com. I got a couple of old ones, you might too.

Now that 2 of the most popular talk radio shows, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, have entered the podcasting space (granted, they’re not really podcasting — automated downloading of MP3 audio files using a custom software falls a bit short of podcatching audio files right onto the iPod), with a paid subscription model at that, it’s probably not too far behind that the next version of iTunes will incorporate some pay system for certain podcasts; iTunes has already made free podcasts look like shopping in their online music store. (also see Podcasting for Profit Goes BIG Time With Half-a-Million People in One Fell Swoop; PremiumPodcasting.com provides a system to charge for podcasts)

[update 7/13/05] USA Today’s noted the phenom: Podcasting goes from indie to mainstream overnight

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