offices in place

we’ve finally gotten settled into our new church office (T/TH), it’s taken about 2 wks for the phone lines to get installed, and a few days to get the ethernet and appletalk all hooked up, and wires wrapped around door moulding and under carpet runners, and this is the first day that all our staff were in office, and things were rollin’.. we’re gearin’ up for a big church retreat weekend this Labor Day, and we’ve just gotten news that we might have a prominent speaker to go with the package, and that’s a nice added encouragement!

discussion today touched on the essence of life’s routine.. it really boils down to responsibilities and passions.. can’t do one without the other, tho’ some try, and wind up being passionless or irresponsible (respectively).

for those of you who are technically savvy, or plain ol’ curious, my exchange client was fixed.. was running Outlook 2000 and that didn’t seem to be a source of the problem, and the tech’s removed it and installed Outlook 98, and probably changed some other settings, and now I have work email access.

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  1. Setting up offices is always a headache, that's why many people prefer serviced offices.