occasionally overheard

I’ve been at Provence Breads Cafe doing my internet and blog thing, and at the very next table behind me is Lauren Winner chatting it up with someone about all kinds of cultural analysis, anticipating where the whole emergent thing is going, and bunches of other things.. a whole different kind of conversation than the emergent mix.. from bits and pieces I’ve gathered, they’re outside looking in, as they’re not typical Bible-churchy evangelicals (they speak of dioceses)..

for the record, I sat down 10 minutes before they chose to sit right behind mem when there are a dozen other open tables, so what few words I overheard is fair game, right? It’s not like I’m divulging intel about her next book or anything 🙂

I will say this: Lauren is definitely well read, and thoughtful.. I haven’t yet felt the right timing to introduce myself to her, and thank her for writing, and that I have archived one of her earlier pieces on my website, and how that article generates notable traffic on my website.. and besides, I’m losing my voice, remember? 🙂

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