NSOUL Free Ministry Music Giveaways!

youth culture being music-driven and all, here?s a hot freebie I just got in my emailbox::

NSOUL Records has been leading he way in evangelizing Youth Culture for the past 9 years. With artists like Nitro Praise, Prodigal Sons, Lakita, and Gina our message to reach youth for christ has been clear. We are taking a step further and asking to partner with you, the church leader, to utilize the resources here at NSOUL to empower your ministry outreach.

NSOUL Records continues giving away thousands of FREE Cassettes for ministry use. They include the best in CCM, rock, ska, Dance, hip hop, alterative styles of music. These brand new cassettes are intended for you to use as ministry tools to reach the youth of your area. We want you to have them.

We are giving away a box of 25 cassettes for free. In fact, you can order as many boxes as you can use. You just pay the cost of shipping and handling. Let?s partner to get this music into the hands of people who need to hear it the most! Tax ID number is not necessary but helpful to us.

To get yours before they are gone, web over to www.nsoul.com/store/index.cfm?ItemNum=166

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  1. Dean says:

    Speaking of hot dance music. CrossRythyms- a Christian Rave will be happening at Cedar Ridge on May 2nd. I’ll be there, maybe you could come, or know people who might be interested. For more info check out <a href=”http://iiproductions.org”>http://iiproductions.org</a&gt;