Now back here at home,

Now back here at home, after 2 weeks of being away.. 10 days overseas in England (half in Jersey, half in London), and 2 days this past weekend in Raleigh/Durham, NC, drove down to visit with some ol’ Dallas friends in the area for surgery at Duke.. so encouraging to see them, and hope we were an encouragement to them.. almost coulda hit the ground running after landing Friday night at Dulles Airport, but thought it better to get a night rest before driving down to NC; and then drove back Sunday night..

Enjoyed a nice birthday dinner at Blue Elephant London, by candlelight with wife Rachelle, very nice time and great food.. one of my overall impression of having spent time in England is the slower pace of life there, even tho’ it is the largest city in Europe, it wasn’t as efficiency driven as metro DC here, and perhaps add on top of that me being on vacation, and I was not ambitious in doing all the touristy things.. spent a good deal of time on public transit actually.. so now turning 36, and slowing down for a spell, it’s been good ambiance to be reflective about what to do with my 2nd half of life.. my non-career dilemma is still with me, and one hopeful idea is that this intentional slowdown of the past weeks will help me pace myself better as I re-engage life here..

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