not quite live from Nashville

arrived safely to Nashville.. greeted with wet weather and rain, disappointing.. shuttled from airport, met a Zondervan staffer on the ride over.. checked-in hotel, got a nice room, but no WiFi in the room — apparently Renaissance only has a select number of rooms with WiFi Internet, at $9.95 a day at that.. so, I’m roaming around for WiFi signals (and not finding one I can get access into).. the EC event planners are not opening up registration until tomorrow morning, so us early arrivers essentially have nothing to get, no way to connect online via Internet Cafe, and my intel says that the event planners were going to setup access points and enable WiFi for all, but they ran into problems with hotel (or convention center).. so, we’re in this unideal world, situation, and weather.. we’ll have to be adaptive and creative.. (I’m blogging “offline”, and this entry is being uploaded after the thought was inscribed, b/c you see, blogging is about capturing the moment..)

sat in a bit in a critical concerns course about StrengthFinder, and I wore my custom-made t-shirt (courtesy of Zazzle, which express mailed it to me and had it waiting at the hotel, perfect timing!), which has my top 5 strength themes.. introduced myself to the class, got a chuckle, tried to use my woo 🙂

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