not all that geeky

but maybe geekier than your average person? I’ve not come across an online quiz to measure my geek factor, but perhaps I am more of one than the average bear. To be an ultimate geek, I’d need to have much more digital hardware and gadgets, but I should count my blessings and do a little inventory, see where I fall on the bell curve.

What I don’t have: no cable tv, no Tivo DVR, no big screen tv, no home stereo/ home theater sound system, no top-line gaming desktop computer, no video game machine (PS2 or Xbox), no garage door opener, many more technological don’t haves.

What I do have: PalmOne Treo 600, Nikon (5mpix) digital camera, iPod (15gb), Emerson 19″ color TV, Emerson combo DVD/VCR player, low-end 2GHz cordless phone, low-end Dell desktop computer w/ 21″ color monitor, WiFi access point/router, DSL hi-speed Internet, personal website, blog. Plus, on “loan”: 2 Dell laptops from work (2 jobs).

So does that make me a big geek? 🙂

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No Responses

  1. will says:

    Yes. And, btw, I have total geek jealousy over your Treo.

  2. LT says:

    isn’t geek cool these days? or is it being socially awkward that makes geek bad? well your geekiness blesses me. thanks for all the resources.