2 Toms reinvent strategic planning

Here at DFW waiting for a flight homebound. I’m back on my original 6:50pm flight, after getting here to the airport early b/c I thought my flight was earlier but wasn’t, and I gave it a shot and tried flying standby on the 5:30pm.

Had a great time in Dallas, getting training today about Wildworks‘ facilitation process that can be used for strategic planning, largely developed by Tom McGehee. 2 weeks ago, I got training in Tom Paterson’s strategic operation planning process. 2 Toms have developed 2 different ways to get at facilitating a collaborative process in compressed time. Both readily say there’s more than one way to “skin a cat.” Both use visual techniques to effectively engage participants (70% of people are visual learners). The former creatively creates an environment for people to have the conversations they need to have; the latter works well around a boardroom setting with lots of flipcharts. Much more compare and contrasts could be described, but my flight just started boarding.

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  1. bumble says:

    That’s it? Can you disclose some more on what you learned?

  2. djchuang says:

    I did hope to write more, but my plane was boarding and it was a tough choice: to blog or to board 🙂 I was waiting on a brochure from the organizers before I wrote more, but maybe that will not happen, so I’ll queue it up as the first item to blog next week. This week, I’ve got to prep for my mini-lecture at U.Md.