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looks like my last question stumped you and me both.. there isn’t a web community that bubbles to the top of your mind when you want to refer someone to a safe place to talk about faith, without getting flamed by tens of hundreds of opinions or bombarded by zealots or proselytized [yes, I used a dictionary to find out how to spell it].. yet..

I’ve had more thoughts recently about the emerging church and the emerging conversation about the church and the over-emerging amounts of questions about the church as it has been..

CT’s weblog asked Has Emergent Emerged? as they’ve too noticed others in the press that there’s curiosity about new church worship styles and speculate about its faddishness, and noting a few of the more ‘successful’ anomolies that’re drawing larger crowds.. my answer: no, it hasn’t emerged, press is perhaps marks of curiosity at best, and when/if it does emerge, and I doubt it will, it will be marked by books promoting the model (or models), techniques, how-tos, and conferences training and teaching others their “best practices”.. the unsaid assumption is: success has to be reproducible in the same way, and success is measured in the same way, and success can be achieved if you do the same thing and measure the same way and build the same structure, banking on some hypothesis connected to scientific method.. and the whole genre of postmodern and emergent conversations are still at the moment largely asking better questions, asking from many perspectives, critiquing what doesn’t work.. but few have been able to articulate nor define the principles or ingredients or models or processes or disciplines or purposes of what an emerged church looks like.. so, no, until we know what it looks like, rather than what it doesn’t look like or doesn’t work, we’re still in process, and the church is still emerging.. to say what it is, rather than to say what it is not..

and I think that’s the one of the point that some people are trying to raise in this genre: there is no model, there is no answer, and perhaps those who’ve been around the block know better than us young’uns, that until you show ’em the answer, you haven’t showed much.. (as good as the questions may be)

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  1. gar says:

    an interesting thought; though I agree… a place where the curious go to ask honest and HARD questions about faith still really doesn’t exist.

    it’s still largely up to the normal person to do a lot of the grunt work to learn about God, but maybe it’s better that way. the serious seeker is often the person most ready to hear about Christ…