nice to see other Spiritual

nice to see other Spiritual blogs on the radar, thank you Martin for adding mine to your list.. i think it incredible how i’ve wound up here in metro DC, after a circuitous route that life has taken me in the past 25 years, even the first half of that was before my adult years 🙂 this metro area has some unique things a happening, like Church of the Savior – an ecumenical community with intense discipleship, Brian McLaren’s homebase, Bridgeway Community Church, and all the other stuff happening in the worlds of technology and this impacts my own spirituality- it invigorates me to get engaged, get into the dialogue, participate, and discover from the many streams of thoughts and communities of varying practices.. I’m of the persuasion that God is too big to be contained in one format or one system of spiritual practices, and for me it helps me to delve into different communities on a regular basis.. and I occasionally enjoy the conversations and dialogues of the virtual community (what some theologians call the ‘invisible church’) when people drop me a note as ePastor..

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