next gen Kingdom zeal in San Diego

After thumbing for over an hour last nite to twitter the closing session + talk by Ken Fong, my thumb joint @ the palms are sore. Still, had to blog about some of my post-conf thoughts here.

The energy in the main session room was frenetic! About 200+ mostly college students, some young ads, and a sprinkle of older 1st gen, worship sets ran well around 45 mins, worship band and Sun, Apr 6, 2008 singer sounded amazing, singing was enthusiastic by all and production w lighting and staging top notch! The conf was run 90%+ by college students — nothing held back! Even group dinner was nicely decorated w/ tablecloths, settings, candles, centerpieces, VIP section… they didn’t have to do that, but they sure did!

Quick impressions: Dave Gibbons + Ken Fong brought their energy too, had rarely seen them so pumped and giving it up! (Not recycling talks fr last week’s AA conf; but I confess, I recycled 50% for my wkshops)

AA Collegians are seeking ways to live out the Gospel holistically, fighting injustices, and seriously exploring what to do with their lives to make a difference– dreaming big, not brainlessly opting-in to the default career/ family/ suburban narrative. Very very exciting to see! College years are the bigggest window of opportunity to make a lifetime of difference, and they’re about doing it!

Prayer that they’d take the first steps, AND that they’d finish well.

Next stop, Dallas.

— follow me @ 4 real-time updates; learned that there are 3 AT+T networks connected to on my phone, I think it’s right: for phone calls, for internet data, and for text messages. Can someone verify?

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