new movie about ordinary people doing extraordinary

I’ve felt like an ordinary person all my life. That’s still how I see myself, cf. “my perception is my reality.” It really is a God-thing that he’s done amazing things around my life, since it was surely not something I planned, being a non-planning kinda person and all.

So, when I got word of this new movie called ANTHEM, via Andrew Morgan of Broken Voices, it inspires me to keep pressing on, doing what I do, being myself. More about this movie:

This past summer our team shot a film called “Anthem“, a documentary about the ways God uses ordinary people in extraordinary things. Based on questions we were asking about the purpose and direction of our own lives, we traveled the country in an RV to sit down with people who were doing incredible things with there lives. In the process of making the film, we came face to face with a God who is inviting each of us to play a unique role in his story – and a passion to expose young adults around the country to these ideas. The film now completed, will be something we release in a very grass roots way on the web – it will also be the foundation for an event we are taking to college campuses all over the country this year.

View the trailer below, or over at ; word on the street is that ANTHEM releases this week on January 20th! [update] You can get a copy of ANTHEM on DVD for $15 online. The first 100 people to use coupon code “anthem2009” at checkout will receive $5 off.

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