new Leadership Community in action

Dropped in on group 3 of the Leadership Community for Next Generation Pastors at Westlake, Texas, 25 minutes northwest of DFW.

I’m adapting that program to serve next gen Asian American pastors, and hope to launch in June 2008, but very challenging to get these pastors signed up. Looking for English-speaking Asian senior pastors leading churches that are reaching the next generation, be it a multi-Asian or multi-ethnic approach. I know there’s over 100 of them out there…

Weather here near Dallas was nice 70s, I hung my black leather jacket in the closet, forgot about it when I checked out. Soon as I walked thru security, I realized I forgot my jacket. So bummed! Now waiting to board plane to EWR and then will subway into New York City for Q. Heard weather in NYC isn’t quite as warm, and having a jacket would keep me from being so chilled.

Now boarding — l8r. follow my tweets @

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