new Google browser releases Tuesday

Chrome is the name of the new Google browser, releasing on Tuesday, September 2nd. The buzz is spreading all over the web, and onto the mainstream media too.

The official Google blog announces it as: A fresh take on the browser. It’ll be released in a beta version, of course.

Google Blogoscoped has early scoop and screen shots, along with TechCrunch and SearchEngineJournal.

The comic book introducing the concepts behind Chrome was drawn up by Scott McCloud, and is available online here or there or over at agglom.

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2 Responses

  1. bpun says:

    what do you think dj? I'm trying out the new explorer, chrome and the new firefox on my pc. I think I like chrome the best b/c of the new dual address/search bar. I've heard that the new explorer is the fastest though.

  2. thanks for this post