New book published for Asian American Youth Ministry

My creativity feels sapped after the book project. I do hope to debrief my experience in book editing here soon, but I’ve got a little sermon to prepare for next Sunday at a friend’s church. So here’s the new book announcement, plain and simple:

A first-of-its-kind book, Asian American Youth Ministry, is now published, providing a much needed resource for those who serve in this distinct context among one of the fastest-growing minority groups in America.

This book compiles the practical insights from 12 accomplished youthworkers, who collectively have over 100 years of experience in Asian American youth ministry. The contributors share their perspectives and insights about the intergenerational church, student leadership, and vital outreach.

Asian American Youth Ministry emerged out of a desire to address the distinct issues and challenges of Christian ministry in an Asian American context. This book is designed to be a valuable resource for both professional youth ministers and also adult volunteers and parents too.

The book is the first book published by L2 Foundation, and is edited by DJ Chuang, its Executive Director. The book is available for purchase online at

Preview the book’s introduction at the online store, read the endorsements from Dave Gibbons and Ken Fong, and help spread the word! Your feedback will be most valuable to inform what we can do next!

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  1. LT says:

    thanks for putting in all this hard work during the past year. you’ve indeed made an enormous contribution the future of AA ministries. i did get a chance to look over the copy you sent but got caught up in a whirlwind. we’ve got to catch up some time about what God’s been up to. i’m starting to feel a break in the storm.

    i think the best way sometimes to be effective with all these books that we’ve seen and you’ve been gathering discussion for here is to actually take a traveling team to go out to churches or provide seminars to educate the leaders who actually need to hear it. it’s time to circulate the information as much as possible. people need to know that these resources exist now. the books often times come off as preaching to the choir but regardless they are definitely needed. there is still a void in publishing with regards to AA ministries. when there is enough of the material out there as well as choices people may actually pick it up and the message will eventually get through, even to the top eschalons of the asian church leadership hierarchies.

  2. Justin says:

    Thanks for all your work, DJ! I will definitely promote the book.

    I like LT’s idea above of a seminar based on the book.

    Certainly part of any real world seminar(s) would be the Internet aspect to extend the reach. For example, J-Gen recently came to town, and, though I wasn’t able to go, I was able to still listen to their mp3s. I appreciate this and have been thinking about how to leverage the Internet in such settings.

    Or, we could have an exclusively Internet-based gathering.

    Just thinking ….

    Thanks again!

  3. djchuang says:

    LT, Justin:

    Thanks for your feedback, we’ll take it into consideration for sure! You’re right that it can be helpful to have a traveling team to provide seminars, and to increase awareness and exposure to this kind of content. Having a person saying it in person can enhance the experience and understanding more than the book alone.

  4. Peter Ong says:

    I echo with what LT (whatsup legoskid), if you are willing to do an East Coast tour, let’s arrange this and I could network some local Asian American youth pastors and groups to participate. I am excited with this launch and it is an opportune time in the Fall.

    Let’s talk about this more.

  5. Helen says:

    DJ–congratulations on finishing the book! It’s enormously satisfying, isn’t it, to have something tangible to show for all your hard work! I am confident this will be a great resource for the AA Christian community. Kudos to you and L2!

  6. Hosea bee says:

    Greetings to You in the Name of Jesus Christ.
    My name is Hosea.I