new book on the horizon

Jordon scooped this new book release from Spencer Burke, Making Sense of Church, which if I’m reading it correctly, is largely comprised of the message board discussions from TheOOZE, where I’m at best an irregular conversationalist. I like it that he’s releasing the content online in an approximate weekly basis, behind schedule if you actually check each chapter, and then it hits the presses like in September. I think it’s a great way to get the message out, and not be bound to the publication industry, where a neophyte author might get what 25 cents per book sold?

By distributing the content online, I think what the author does is highlight the essential threads so we online readers don’t have to wade through hundreds of messages + work thru the signal-to-noise ratio to find the “good stuff”, and then by distributing the content in print, it will invite new people to the conversation.

And with this yet-another book on the emerging church, on the one hand rehashing conversations that’s already surfaced 2-3 years ago, but there are so many more who are just getting introduced to it. (or resisting it)

Many others books are on the docket and/or have been released in the past few months, as I browse the catalog, and frankly, I can’t keep up (and don’t want to spend my $$s) on getting every single title. (as an aside, skimmed Kimball’s The Emerging Church, and it was a case in point that he wasn’t saying anything “new”, BUT that book is a nice handy reference manual to doing church differently). My wish to actually get into those conversations in person instead of reading about it, and pining away for innovative churches that I only get to visit here and there a few times a year.

I’ll be making my pilgrimage end of this month to Spencer’s beach shack (aka garage), and we’ll have some great dialogue in person.

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