new blog location + nature of blogs

Welcome! You’ve found your way here, this is my new blog location, still being moved into, and it may take weeks to get completely renovated, revised, and made to feel at home. Please update your bookmarks, RSS feeds, and whatever else accordingly. I believe that content is a little more important than presentation, so rather than getting my redesign all done, and every link fixed to point to the new location, a la grand re-opening + fanfare + hype, I thought/felt it’d be better to get my blogging voice back online first [ah! so good to be back!], and then fix the broken links, adjust the templates, and overlay a brand new website redesign (a Photoshop mockup has already been created by my lovely graphic-designer wife) onto the whole of

The most recent and heart-wrenching saga in the blogosphere has been that of Samuel Job Mashariki Carrasco, or Sam for short, who now has a blog at — Sam is the 4-year-old son of urban blogger Rudy, and had unexpectedly recently been diagnosed with leukemia.. this is the wonderful side of blogging, in that this technology has proven / is proving useful for pulling people together across long distances, people who may not have ever met, to be community to one another.. to support and to love, in ways other than physical proximity, and yet often just as impacting.. [note to self: comment on the tenuous speculative nature of blogging too]

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