New activities with a new school year

I’m still around. Living an active lifestyle. And with the new school year, there’s been some new activities.

One of them is a web design class at Biola University. That one is eating my lunch, actually, dinner, since it’s an evening class once a week. It’s taking a lot more prep than I first anticipated. And I’m quite ambitious for the students in the class, with hopes that several will emerge as great web designers that could build premium WordPress themes and the like. Yes, going from zero to sixty-five in less than 15 weeks.

One is facilitating a pastors’ cohort group of next gen Asian American pastors. Leadership development is an on-going effort, and the textbooks and classes only take it so far. There’s are also aspects of coaching and conversational discussions and being in community with a tribe in a similar stage and place in life.

One is a countdown to the upcoming Multi-ethnic Church Conference in San Diego, this November 2-3, just 47 days away. Looking for more people to get registered and prep’d for being a part of making history together for diversifying the American church, and churches around the world for that matter.

“Research shows that Congregations emphasizing racial reconciliation programs will be more diverse than congregations without such intentional programs.” [Dougherty, Kevin D., Kimberly R. Huyser. Racially Diverse Congregations: Organizational Identity and the Accommodation of Differences. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion (2008) 47(1):23–43; via Art Lucero]

This conference is so important because we have to be intentional to diversify the church, not as a goal in and of itself, but as an overflow of how the Gospel does indeed break down the walls.

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