Networks of missional churches

There’s been lots of buzz about the missional church, some have described it as: a movement, a description of a “shift in thinking”, small networks, or more than 50 ways to define missional; with the word’s origin traced as far back as 1883. And here’s a video, The Missional Church… simple, describing what missional church is:

With many definitions, there are also growing numbers of networks with missional church resources and hubs of conversations. Here’s a list of missional church networks I’ve found (in no particular order):

Verge Network ~ “advocate and champion movements of Missional Communities”; could be described as a network of networks [Michael ‘Stew’ Stewart = Verge Network Catalyst]

The Gospel and Our Culture ~ “A network to provide useful research regarding the encounter between the gospel and our culture, and to encourage local action for transformation in the life and witness of the church.” One of the earliest proponents for the term, notably via the Lesslie Newbigin book, Missional Church: A Vision for the Sending of the Church in North America.

Ecclesia Network ~ “a relational network of churches, leaders and movements that seek to equip, partner and multiply missional churches and movements”

TransFORM ~ a missional community formation network ~ Friends of Missional [via Rick Meigs]

Missional Church Center [via Milfred Minatrea]

Allelon ~ “a movement of missional leaders”

Roxburgh Missional Network

Missional Learning Commons

Missional Church Network [via Brad Brisco]

Missional Church Network [via Timothy Conner] ~ “inspiring gospel-centered missional churches” [via Jonathan McIntosh] ~ resources & blog by Tim Birdwell, Jonathan Dodson, et al

GCM Collective ~ “to promote, create and equip Gospel Communities on Mission” ~ “online and relational environment for engaging and developing missional leaders” [via NAMB of the SBC]

Missional Lutherans

Together in Mission ~ “to encourage the planting of missional communities” [in the UK]

Some names of thought leaders in the missional church conversation: Alan Hirsch, Reggie McNeal, Alan Roxburgh, Michael Frost, Neil Cole, Hugh Halter, David Fitch, Scot McKnight . . .

And, one more thing. See JR Woodward’s A Primer on Today’s Missional Church for the biggest list of missional networks, links, articles, and resources I could find.

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