networking XP and 98

finding it rather challenging to get my new Win XP computer to talk to my old Win 98 computer, got them all connected up via ethernet and all, but they don?t want to see each other in the ?hood.. so I?m doing some CD burning to get files transferred over.. computer upgrade so my boy Jeremiah can have a computer that can keep up with the latest software he uses for education, Lego games, and all that.. can?t believe they need so much MHz.. the ol? reimaged Pentium 133 (Toshiba Infinia 7130) wasn?t cutting it.. it?s going to take a few more days I think.. I have found that XP is very smart, 2 things I?ve plugged in gets automatically recognized..

thought about blogging this week, and how I?d probably need to schedule a time to make it happen more often or more regularly.. sporadic entries is okay for what I?m doing, but a most engaging blog I think would take at least an hour every day.. half of that time surfing the web, other half composing the thoughts, reflecting on it, and typing it up.. not that I edit my thoughts to write the words here, but it does take a few minutes to type it up.. a few secs before that to select the topics from all the thoughts a person has in a day..

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