my stealth conference. my disclosure level.

I’ve been in Dallas since Sunday night, hosting a stealth conference of my own: an invite-only gathering of next generation Asian American pastors. This kind of a gathering is nerve-wracking, since the majority of attendees are taking a huge leap of faith to come together, meet people they’ve never met, and dive in on meaningful conversations. With so much preparation and investment already put into this 2-year project via a special partnership between L2 Foundation and Leadership Network, there was no absolute guarantee of success — and that can make anyone’s nerves on edge. I think what might have helped people be more at ease was to declare it a blogging-free zone. I kept my twittering fingers from getting active, and was allowed to hold on to my Blackberry Curve the whole time.

I’m very pleased and grateful that things went as well as it could have gone. One superior said it was a “home run,” and that the opinion helped calm my nerves. (but, a small voice from my Asian heritage whispers and wonders what would it take to get a “grand slam”)

While I have not yet gotten a green light for more disclosure (remember, we insured that gathering was a safe place), I can say that a number of select and choice insights from these next generation church leaders and pastors will be published as a free & downloadable white paper in a couple of months. I’d love to share that with you as soon as that’s released.

Now, a question for you— both regular and irregular readers of here– how do you think/ feel about the level of disclosure on this blog? Bordering inappropriate, too guarded, or about right? Click in your answer on this poll below. And if you want to pontificate, add a comment.

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  1. John Darnell says:

    I look forward to hearing the official “findings”.

    The disclosure question I one I keep asking myself. Between Twitter and Facebook and blogging, how much is too much and how much is not enough.

    And I don’t think I have any Asian heritage, but I could’ve sworn I’ve heard that voice before…

    Thanks, DJ!

  2. tom steers says:

    that UNIQUE creation of HIS: YOU, is doing something
    unique that really augments and helps others of us in
    this evolving ministry. it is a “grand slam!” keep it up!
    and, don’t worry about sharing it all. truth sets us free.
    1/2 of truth is positive. 1/2 negative. but it’s all true.
    of course wisdom is needed in how you say the truth
    so it’s edifying (eph. 4:29) a great example of this
    was your “ministry of self-revelation” at the last
    GATHERING at EBC-LA. not only were you REAL,
    (real men are real, hopefully), but you gave permission
    to the 150 who listened to be real with their struggles
    and weaknesses. one pastoral question comes to my
    mind in this vein: those of us who travel a lot know the
    toll it is on family life. you have moved to the ‘hyper-
    fio-lazer-fast-lane’ capital of the world, and have been
    travelling around the country in like fashion. what are
    you learning from HIM in this area from your failures
    and successes? and, lastly, thanks for serving and washing
    the feet of the rest of us with your life, ministry, and
    helpful blogs. t-

  3. I look forward to reading the white paper.

  4. Steve says:

    I have no general comment of the level of disclosure, but one specific item where you could have gone farther in this post is that I don’t understand why it requires a lot of courage (or secrecy) for a bunch of pastors to meet and discuss ministry. Could you be more specific? What was at risk?

  5. djchuang says:

    Tom, thanks for your kind words. As a domestic road warrior, the hard things I’m having to learn is decision-making and planning. Those are 2 things I don’t like doing at all, but I have to do even more when I have travels. What I’m trying to figure out is how to afford travelling more internationally — I’ve seen very little of the world outside of the USA.

    Steve, the “stealth conference” was written tongue-in-cheek, playing off the name of Rick Warren’s conference.

    As for why little is revealed via blogging about invite-only pastors meetings — that has to do both with those pastors’ perspectives and/or convictions about blogging, and with the sponsoring organizations’ strategy for public communications. My sense is this: very very few churches, pastors, and/or Christian organizations are comfortable enough with the open source world of transparent + global + instant + permanent communications to let it all hang out. And, to be fair, there may be unintended impact that none of us has yet to anticipate when we communicate so openly, quickly, and permanently.

  6. Hey DJ- I find you to be a huge model for us. you have feet that go to so many places that we need to go….and we get to go with you through your blogs. …. thanks for sharing so much of what you receive. like i said before, you’re no reservoir— you’ve got lots of tributaries flowing out (and in), and that’s very healthy.

  7. Steve says:

    Ah, I see. And I understand. A lot could get misunderstood if somebody starts prematurely blogging about ideas that are still in development/negotiation and haven’t been fully worked out yet. Makes sense.