my presentation on connecting with culture

I’ve posted the presentation (slides + audio) I made at the Render conference last week about connecting with culture over at the L2 Foundation blog. I gave (on slide #3) credit due to the thinkers from whom I adapted much of the content, Andy Crouch and Tim Keller.

I felt good about how I did this presentation, b/c through running it twice, I found out some crucial omissions in my 1st session. I think it went way better the 2nd time, and as an added bonus, I discovered my best way of doing a workshop or seminar. I don’t think this is called Socratic style of teaching, but maybe it is semi-Socratic.

What I like to do is take the time allocated (in this case, 75 minutes) and use about 1/3 of it on my presentation, which I use as a reference point and conversation starter, and then 2/3 of the time on Q&A discussion. I think this helps both me and the audience to engage, to learn, and to stay awake.

I only had 1 sleeper in my 2nd session, which took place at the coveted time slot right after lunch.

And, here’s a photo of me (last person on left) lounging with arms crossed behind my head, during the open mike panel discussion:

panelists at Render conference

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    Looks like you are the sleeper!