my Mom reads my blog

During Christmas break, I visited with my parents and brothers in Virginia, and Mom even has this blog set as her browser’s home page. Umm, so, here’s my HI MOM to her.

hi Mom on

Usually I’d speak Mandarin Chinese to her, but then you wouldn’t understand it, unless you’re bi-lingual. (I speak Mandarin very sparingly and don’t advertise that I do.)

What would you do if your Mom read your blog?

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2 Responses

  1. jdblundell says:

    My parents both read my blog — and apparently my mother-in-law does too! She said at our wedding rehearsal dinner that its a great way for moms to get to know their daughter's boyfriends/fiances/future husbands!
    I think they'd all like to see a lot more personal stuff on my blog — but I remind them that I mainly right my blog for me — so I guess they have to suffer through the rest :-).

  2. Betsy says:

    I always write my blog AS IF any family member – or congregant – might be reading, in terms of editing content. (Though I still use language or make jokes they might not care for – I feel like that's my perogative.) My brother and I keep in touch daily through comments on one another's blogs, and I know Eric's sister reads too, and I hers. I don't think my father- and mother-inllaw are blog people, but you never know. So no family or congregational snark, ever.

    Interestingly, I don't think my husband has read my blog more than once or twice.