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2 things have triggered a recent sober reflection upon my life, maybe 3: (1) I’ll be turning 40 next summer, (2) grandfather-in-law entering glory at age 97, (3) message at church about investing time, using the power of time. As much as I like non-linear dialogue, mystery, randomness, and a fast pace of change, I’ve found that time is linear, and I only have one life to live. I believe that’s true for you too.

Using Excel, I put together something I called “My Timeline”, and here’s what my life looks like:

click to view full size lifeline

I’m not a planner, so you can see that I did not have any milestones set for myself prior to 2005. I did put some a few tentative dates into the future, that perhaps I’ll get to write some books. I’d imagine some overambitious Type-A driven kind of person would have many more milestones on their lifeline.

You may use this Excel spreadsheet for plotting out your own lifeline. Please drop me a comment (or email) on how you’re plotting, dreaming, and/or praying to invest your life.

The weather is too nice outside; I’m going out for a bike ride!

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  1. Sivin says:

    Thanks for the template .. was thinking of doing somehting like this at our church retreat!

  2. timsamoff says:

    That’s a great idea! 🙂

  3. LH says:

    DJ, try plotting your life vs. Bobby Clinton’s “The Making of a Leader.” He delineates key stages that leaders go through. I’ve found it useful to plot my major life events and decisions using his terminology. It helps me see where God is at work (and where He’s been patient!).

  4. rob says:

    Thanks for the template…I’m going to have to take some time with this. I like it.

  5. i12know says:

    Thanks for the template! Sounds like fun…

  6. Hey DJ, I am jealous. I am past 44, and haven’t yet written my first book! Heheh! I first encountered plotting your life story by taking Bobby Clinton’s “Lifelong Development” course which included “The Making of a Leader” as one of the texts (other texts also included a more technical reference work of his, and a few “applied” texts. It is a good exercise, and I especially like the way Clinton divided the lifelong journey of God’s development program into five distinct stages. I highly recommend the course (available from FullerOnline), or at the very least, the book.

  7. djchuang says:

    appreciate all the comments! hope it’s helpful, and would be interested to see what themes surface in your life, and what you’re going to plan to accomplish!

  8. Jacky says:


    It’s good, but my necks hurting when I have to tilt left to see it. I’m going to make a vertical one, see how it looks like later.