my laptop freezes at random

Here in the Big Apple (aka New York City), until Friday for business. Might meetup with a few friends and/or make a few new ones. Text message me to say hello or possibly meetup. Tomorrow afternoon, a meeting with Tim Keller, who does know about my web page about him; I’ll let you know if anything comes out from it. 🙂

On a (yet another) tech note, I’m experiencing a memory attrition problem. I got a Dell Inspiron 600m in January 2004 for my 2nd job, and started having this problem in November 2005, after my Dallas trip — with random lock up — the laptop would freeze up cold, requiring a complete hardware shutdown. And, not only random freeze up, I have also experienced random blue screen errors, several different kinds, and also sometimes the laptop would not power up at all. No distinguished reproducible pattern. Unfortunately, I’m out of warranty. Repair would cost anywhere from $199 to $499.

The resolution for me seemed to be similar to the other person who mentioned it — if I only use DIMM B slot for memory (I’ve upgraded to 1GB), then things seems to run smoothly. But when I place a memory chip in DIMM A (1st slot), be it 128MB, 256MB, or 1GB, then it will freeze up at random, usually within 30 minutes, sometimes as quick as 1 minute. So, this laptop does have half its brain tied behind its back.

Then on the Dell community forum somewhere, I read this:

Basically, all notebook computers are inherently problematic – Consumer Reports’ readers say that about 40% of all notebooks require a major repair during their useful lifetimes. Get a 3-year warranty minimum on it – on site if you can’t afford to be without it for a week or so during a repair – no matter what notebook you buy.

Lesson: get an extended warranty for laptops (if you can afford it).

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  1. Alan Hartung says:

    Ah, but the real problem is not in the notebook format for a computer, but in the operating system…

    I also got a notebook in January 2004, but mine was a Macintosh 😀

    I did have one hardware issue (most likely my fault since it got dinged), but the OS runs just as smoothly as the day I got it. And when I upgrade to Tiger, I hear it gets faster… unlike Windows where each upgrade slows down the OS on the same computer…

  2. hehmin says:

    try a laptop fan… works great for the overheating issue noted in one of your links… i have the latitude D600 and i have very similar issues..
    maybe dell doesn’t stress test their laptops well enough?

  3. jason says:

    i had the original 2x256MB and upgraded to 2x512MB, and ever since it’s been freezing at random. lately it’s been extremely intermitent and pissing me off. going to try switching the memory back and if that fails call up the dell folks

  4. steve says:

    i have the exact same problem with my IBM X20. its a really tiny laptop and i beleive that it probably has overheating issues because sometimes it gets so hot that it could fry an egg on the bottom. (or my leg) my good friend suggested to me that the hard drive might be dying and so i’ve got some others around and i might try and switch it out and see if it helps. unfortunately for me, i dont have 2 dimm slots to try that with. hopefully it helped you, but i think im screwed if the hdd doesnt work.

  5. afet says:

    why does my qosmio av 35 600 start freezing every time i cahnge to a different web page,very annoying,please help.

  6. jerry says:

    My dell inspiron 8100 locks up frquently. What can I do to fix this?

  7. homunq says:

    I have this problem with a used Dell d600 (one of 5 I just got). It is very intermittent – only freezes about ever 20 hours of use, until yesterday only caught me with the screensaver so I wasn

  8. RAJU says:

    YES I UNDER STAND UR PROBLEM.. ESPECIALLY HOMUNQ.. If u upgrade the RAM and ur problem will be reolved .. Before that i like to tell one thing before u call to ur tech support what ever it may be dell, hp any thing if u need a tech support dont suggest them take the notebook to the service. If u want to take the n/b to the service before take back the up from Notebook. If u want send the N/B to service they will suggest to the Recovery. Most of problem will resolve if we do the recovery. i like to suggest if u want to down load any thing from the internet pls use that time the particular s/w tech support. Bcz u r paying the Money right. un less u r not technically qualified. dont blame with me. Bcz u r download from different software in ur laptop. but u guys are calling the who is laptop tech support. as the copmany rule they wont provide the third party s/w. they will tell the issue will be resolve. but they wont resolve. you are pushed to the do a system recovery. so u r wasting the money. as well the laptop tech support and what ever u purchased the software. think and do it.. bcz i was one of the tech support executive in one of the notebook provider. pls avoid these things.. If u call any call center u want wait for lot of time in the call… In that time u r very irated. u will show to the tech support. Unfortunately they will also irate. they wont give the proper solution.. pls avoid unwanted these thingss

  9. Greg says:

    My d600 freezes, but only if I have an application open and leave it sitting. I’ve upgraded actually to 2.5 GB of ram (even though it only recognizes 2 GB). Still does it. I am going to deploy a laptop fan or one of those under laptop fan bases. My laptop is also extremely hot to touch on the bottom after some use. I believe the excessive heat on the MB and Processor is the culprit.

  10. kevin says:

    I had a problem with my inspiron 8500 where it would also freeze, including at the bios, login, different times and also a few blue screens. I moved the 512mb memory from the dimm slot it was in to the other one and it seems to be working now so cheers for the solution (touch wood).