my first time white water rafting

Even though I’m well into my 4th century decade of life, there are still many things I haven’t done. There’ll probably be many more firsts to come. Yesterday was my first time with white water rafting, what a rush!

Our team-building group of 9 went with the excellent family-run Zoller’s Outdoor Odysseys to raft down the White Salmon River (near Stevenson, WA). Towards the end of our 8-mile run, our guide Zak gave us a choice to opt-out as he described Husum Falls to be a 16 foot drop, with a 4 foot slide and 12 foot vertical drop, which amounted to a Class 5 rapid! My conflicted self quickly battled between its in-bred timidity with its adventurous wild-at-heart. The wild side won out, and we dipped into the rapid with a full immersion, pictured below — as you can see, we were entirely submerged. No one tossed out, and the raft didn’t tip over. Whew! (I’m in the 2nd row to the left.)

down we go on Husum Falls full immersion at Husum Falls

entirely wet after Husum Falls

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3 Responses

  1. Elijah says:

    you look a bit stressed in that picture. You sure you were having fun? :p I want to do that one day!

  2. hosive says:

    you’re over 400 years old?????

  3. djchuang says:

    oops, the joys of typos from immediate blogging 🙂 duly corrected to be 4 DECADES.. I’ve never been much for proofreading or reviewing my homework or tests, hardwired habit..