Debriefing my semi-sabbatical with Eddie Byun

Eddie Byun launched a new podcast titled Interviews and Insights, and tapped my shoulder (figuratively) to be the first interview! What an thrilling honor and humble privilege!

I sat in the comforts of a nearby Starbucks (Wisconsin Ave & Bethesda Ave) with my laptop and headset at 9:00am local time, and where Eddie was, it was 11:00pm in Australia. Skype connected us up for this interview across the continents (this is not your father’s conversation across a coffee table.) We chatted for about half an hour about my semi-sabbatical: why I started it, what I did, what I’d do different, the impact of life coaching on my life, and more. Plus, towards the end of this interview, I make my first public mention of my excitingly new job assignment! You’ll have to listen to the interview [cf. mp3 audio] to get the scoop, or wait until next week when I blog about it. 🙂


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  1. Eddie Byun says:

    Hey DJ,

    It was great having you as my first interview and I look forward to more in the future. I’m excited about your new step that God prepared for you as well. Keep me updated on how things go with that.

    And I’ve gotten some positive feedback through email and meeting up with some people on our interview too. They’re also looking forward to future episodes on topics that can connect with the 2nd gen here.

    Thanks for hooking me up with Craig too; I’m really looking foward to touching base with him next week.

    I recently downloaded Skype Pamela and it seems pretty good so far. I’ll wait until the end of the trial period before deciding on which version to keep.

    Take care and God bless DJ! 🙂