My brains are still largely

My brains are still largely mush, it’s been slow getting revved up to my usual multitasking pace of life, which feels like a letdown and a drag.

Recently came across two quotes that I found very bothersome: one, a comment from a biographer, who said that one can’t reveal too much of the real inside story because it would erode the confidence of the reader. If anything can and could inspire people, it is the real story of a person’s growth, struggles, and courage, the raw humanity that shows those of us without a published biography how life can be, and that is what will inspire real confidence.

The other, about how Koreans perceive a “show of emotion as a weakness that indicates I have no control over myself.” Ludicrous. What kind of torment on the heart and soul of humanity if emotions were to be suppressed without necessary expression? The most human person who ever lived (and is still alive), is Jesus Christ, and he wept! (John 11:35) He did not hold back emotion in some sort of effort to control himself. It’s good to show emotions and feelings; life calls for it. To be human is to emote.

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